Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere and those in need can’t wait; their needs are urgent. The Canadian Red Cross helps vulnerable communities in Canada affected by emergencies and disaster – from situations ranging from individual house fires, power outages and floods to wildfires and hurricanes, which disrupt entire regions.

The best way to be prepared for a disaster is to have a Disaster Preparedness Kit ready at all times.

Order your kit at these special prices.


The Disaster Preparedness Kit is designed to give the basics for your family or workplace’s personal preparedness plan.

This kit features multiple essential items such as a flashlight, a multifunction knife, waterproof matches, and an emergency blanket that will help support you during the first 72 hours of an emergency.

All items are carried in a nylon backpack that has additional room to add other essentials for your comfort and survival.

A Personal First Aid Kit equipped for small wound management and more is also included so that you and your loved ones are more prepared in case of an emergency.


1 - Box of waterproof matches

1 - Flashlight/radio/alarm crank

1 - 40 hour candle

1 - Multi-function knife

1- SOS sign

1 - Emergency blanket

1 - 10L water container

1 - 20L water purification tablet

1 - Biohazard waste bag

1 - Whistle

1 - Pair of nitrile dipped gloves

1 - 12 hour glow stick

1 - Utility sheet

2 - Dust masks

1 - Roll of duct tape

1 - Personal First Aid Kit