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First Aid Clinics of Canada understands that your business is very important and deserves your focus. That is why we want to take the responsibility for first aid kit inspections and restocking off your hands.  

Our First Aid Kit specialist will complete an on-site evaluation and inspection of your First Aid Kits and advise on the best cost-effective solutions for your business.  At this time, a predetermined schedule can be set up for inspections of all First Aid Kits and restocking of items.


Contact us for this convenient service that will keep you focused on your business and leave the First Aid Kits to us! 

Services that are offered:

  • Sales of new Ontario Workplace First Aid Kits 

  • Restocking of Ontario Workplace First Aid Kits (Monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly)

  • First Aid Kit inspections (Monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly)
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